Phase 2: in Favignana spring triumphs… waiting for the restart

The small but suggestive mountain range of Favignana seen from c.da Faraglione. From the left: Punta Faraglione, Portella Cervo, Punta Grosso, Canalazzo, Punta Campana, Monte Santa Caterina and Scindo Passo

Nature continues its rhythms, those of an island are particularly variable because they are more affected by climate change and constant and constant temperature changes, winds and tides.

A Favignana in this period everything blooms, from Monte Santa Caterina to the last rock that plunges into the sea at Punta Faraglione, it's an explosion of colors, flowers and perfumes.

This on the ground… together with insects, pollinators and not and to reptiles, in aria… sedentary birds and migrants, in short, nature, the real one… the Mediterranean one, sprinkled with salt, that triumphs in every corner…

At sea and near the coast they are the ones who dominate the landscape, the Herring Gulls… busy looking for food for newborn babies and very nervous if they are near their nest.

Nothing more explanatory for the description of this fantastic moment can only be the visit of these places, but in this moment of transition from the complete lock-down due to the Phase 9 health emergency 1 the A “reboot” what the Phase is called 2, better to enjoy these beautiful pictures and maybe next year after the emergency, do it in attendance.

The photos were taken in May 2020 in completely isolated areas between Cala Stornello and Punta Faraglioni.

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