Photo of the day: spring at the gates

Good morning with the first hints of spring Favignana, here the IRIS Planifolia paths between Favignana, one of endemic species present among the first to bloom, as it is about to burst their lives in the Mediterranean… Photo © Giorgio De Simone

Iris planifolia (Miller) Flowers & Paoletti – Giaggiolo bulboso [Iridaceae]
Without.: Xiphion planifolia Miller; Iris winged Poiret
Herbaceous perennial; 15-40 cm; December to February.
Habitat: grassy slopes and stony pastures.
Shape: G bulb – Perennial with underground bulb; leaves wide at the base and bent shower but thinned apex, flowers one to three delayed flowering, perigonium deep blue with spots and lines yellow, trilocular blacks capsule containing seeds that mature are scattered by the wind.
Distribution: Steno-Mediterranean.

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