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The battle of the Egadi: 241 A.C.. Chronicle of a naval battle that will remain in history

Rome and Carthage: the battle of the Egadi from the history books to research on the seabed The battle of the Egadi And 'the 10 March 241 A.C., a momentous day for Sicily, the time when Sicily became a land "Western" where stands already austere physiognomy of Rome. The battle is one of the Egadi …

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Palermo: presented the 12th rostrum of the battle of the Egadi

Presented in a press conference the rostrum in bronze of the battle fought in Egadi 241 A.C.. between the Romans and Carthaginians. E 'was presented during a press conference at the Roosevelt Institute – Superintendent of the Sea, in Palermo, the recovery of the rostrum bronze. The discovery, in waters northwest of the island of Levanzo, in the stretch of …

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Archeology: Levanzo found the 12th rostrum used by one of the ships in the Battle of the Egadi

Tonnara Florio Favignana Museum

These days a team led by the Superintendent of the Sea of ​​the Sicilian Region has dived to a depth among 80 e i 100 meters in order to explore the depths and has regained 12th rostrum of the Battle of the Egadi 241 A.C.. The project aims to bring to light additional tracks …

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