Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, Maraone and Formica…

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The photo of the day: the Egadi islands seen from Marsala

Splendid view from Marsala of the three Egadi islands, from the left Marettimo then Favignana in the center and Levanzo on the right which seems to be linked to Favignana, Maraone and Formica are not visible further to the right. The structure that can be seen in the foreground is the Grotta della Sibilla and the Baglio Anselmi Archaeological Museum (Lungomare Boeo 30, Marsala Info: …

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Phase 2: in Favignana spring triumphs… waiting for the restart

Nature continues its rhythms, those of an island are particularly variable because they are more affected by climate change and constant and constant temperature changes, winds and tides. In Favignana during this period everything is blooming, from Monte Santa Caterina to the last rock that plunges into the sea at Punta Faraglione, it's an explosion of …

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Favignana: the coves from the town to the Scalo Cavallo

Favignana offers access to almost all the coves by land as well as by sea. I am beyond 36 the km of coastline, of a hypothetical circumnavigation of the island, almost all accessible which is congested only in the central period of August. Therefore it is advisable not to travel to these islands in the middle of the summer but to plan another period, better …

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Marettimo, ancient Hiera

A beautiful video reportage that scrupulously and carefully describes all aspects of this beautiful Mediterranean island: Marettimo, Egadi Islands, Sicily. Put a like on: https://www.facebook.com/favignana.biz/

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The age of the Florio family: the happy age of the Egadi

A book that cannot be missed for lovers of Favignanese and Sicilian history as well as that of Sicilian liberty style “The age of the Florio family” by Sellerio Editore (1985). https://sellerio.it/it/catalogo/Eta-Florio/Giuffrida-Lentini/11337 In the almost 300 large format pages, in addition to the splendid period photos, a widespread reconstruction of the adventure of this large family that has changed history …

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Trekking the cliffs: Case Canini from Cala Rotonda

In a time when we have to stay at home to avoid the contagion of this ugly epidemic it comes to tell a path I did last spring in Favignana, more or less in this period. Enjoy the reading. Text and photos: © Giorgio De Simone Nice day, it's 7:30 of the morning. Today I want to try …

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Palazzo Florio

Palazzo Florio: the soul of Favignana, design of the great Damiani Almeyda

There was a time when art and architecture had a very important role internationally in Sicily and elsewhere. It is not a time so long ago. That time was the 800 Sicilian, and in this respect the architect and engineer Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda was for Palermo and Sicily a terrific culmination. The projects of the …

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