Favignana: the coves from the town to the Scalo Cavallo

Favignana offers access to almost all the coves by land as well as by sea. I am beyond 36 the km of coastline, of a hypothetical circumnavigation of the island, almost all accessible which is congested only in the central period of August. Therefore it is advisable not to travel to these islands in the middle of the summer but to plan another period, better if spring until mid-July. In some years even winter and especially autumn offers days so hot as to be able to take an invigorating swim in these beautiful islands.

The coves that meet in the north-east coast are precisely those that start from the port and arrive at the Scalo Cavallo.

The route layout proposed in this article, from the left, departure from the marina, Cliff, Cala Graziosa, Cala San Nicola and Scalo Cavallo

To carry out this route, we recommend renting a bike or doing it entirely on foot, providing a good supply of water and hiking shoes. A summer urban bus service also leaves from the seafront, for this path you have to take the line 3.

On the waterfront, which opens the view on Levanzo, the first suggestive natural pools of the Rocks of San Giovanni that offer us a cue to visit the oldest tuff quarries on the island, sunk over the centuries by the phenomenon of bradyseism. Bathing is forbidden here, but you can visit these fantastic rocks precisely to appreciate their uniqueness. Often leaning against the rocks you can observe sedentary birdlife like seagulls and if you are lucky even herons, cormorants, cheetahs, buzzards and the peregrine falcon in “patrol”.

Taking the dirt track on the left after the end of the promenade, leaving the coast, after a few minutes between the scrub and ancient dry stone walls, we arrive at the first cove where we can dive: Cala Graziosa, a small cove just before the Punta San Nicola, than the ancient tuff quarries, now absorbed by the sea, make them natural pools.

Continuing ahead on the dirt road after a short time, take the road to the left of the cemetery, coming to Cala San Nicola. This is an almost circular bay facing the walls of the village cemetery, whose crystalline body of water is protected by a ring of low rocks that make it a natural breakwater. What to say… here a bathroom is a must ! Unfortunately, in the height of summer, small boats occupy part of the shoreline.

Continuing on the easy path, can also be traveled by bike as well as the whole route, we head, always under the coast, towards the Scalo Cavallo. The Scalo Cavallo it is a terrace on the suggestive cliff overlooking the sea of ​​tuff material, in fact right here you can visit a large quarry in which several tunnels depart starting from a large arch carved on the tuff rock. However, great care must always be taken when traveling the tuff quarries because the stability of the products is not guaranteed .

To access the sea you need to sit on a rock but the beautiful water and the magical backdrops can only be the backdrop to an unforgettable swim. Here you can also comfortably arrive by car and there is a bus stop, always online 3.

Photos and texts Giorgio De Simone

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