Trekking a Marettimo: from Scalo Vecchio to the Roman Houses, Semaphore and back

Alba a MarettimoThe first time I met him was the Marettimo 1985, I read an article in the largest Fulco Pratesi, co-founder of the WWF, describing a boat ride and trek in the mountains. Here is the text of Article I propose integrally: Marettimo, in the story of Fulco Pratesi 80s.

Just now, a 52 years played, I finally visited: Marettimo is still as described by Fulco in 1985. And thank goodness.

He suggested a route by sea, what did I do, the discovery of the coast and caves [Read here] and a trekking route by land and reached the highest peak or Monte Falcone Marettimo.

But I have done partially or arrived at Romanian Case Instead of embarking on the path to Monte Falcone I carried the side to Traffic Light. And here is my report.

Son started at 6 the country, by via Campi, near the old airport I am enjoying the sunrise from the sea, not to be missed, and uphill I reached the trailhead, in Contrada Hairy, which is well maintained and easy to identify, for the Roman houses.

Hiking Trails MarettimoThey are present at every crossroad wooden tables showing the various paths that branch throughout the Island that has no paved roads only trails on foot or mountain bike.

The path you see also traced on Egadi Maps on this site.

Initially it will come across in the ancient cemetery of Marettimo where a simple table with the names and a few marble remains reminiscent of the ancient necropolis.

For anyone who is a Christian prayer there is a must.

Path Case Romane MarettimoHere the trail is almost a wide stone road well made and very impressive, then as soon as you enter the pine forest, the result of a meticulous reforestation, by more than gratifying results, It shrinks while however remaining always convenient. Also noticeable is the care of these forests by the forest personnel who have been entrusted. The color that the vegetation here, the terra, the stones… sunrise is something unique.

The road is steep and in summer the toil and sweat make you immediately feel so stock up on water and a hat to repair the head when the trees are not there is the least we can do to address the excursion.

It conveniently comes after 40 minute trek to the Roman Houses.

E’ a core of partially restored ruins of Roman houses of good quality definitely inhabited for so many centuries that followed, is in fact a Byzantine church rebuilt by I do not know what attracts me the most, It is open later I sit. Then Giovanni Scaduto will know that the day after the Castello di Punta Troia I tell you that even you can arrange from the impression weddings “rock”.

I am aware of another side of the island that I had not considered. E’ rich in spring water. Here the Roman houses there's just a spring to wayfarers available where delicious water that gushes believe has refreshed both the body and the mind. He was definitely pushed to face the next path.

Roman Houses Source

In the decision to continue for the effects Traffic Light instead for Pizzo Falcone I got it here, before this table: marettimo hiking trails

The top two tables are clear and precise… Cala Bianca 3 hours and 5 minute walk, Punta Troia 2 hours and 15 minutes… Pizzo Falcone ? 1 and now… ??? MMMMhhhh no non lo so… 1 now you understand, but the minutes ? No… I can not risk, I do not have much time.

Then riscendo some having noticed another table before Roman houses that indicated the path to Traffic Light… I decide to take that path… Pizzo Falcone I'll do it next time !

Here is the Gallery of trekking from the Roman houses in Semaphore and back country

Ultimately from the country to the Roman Houses (250 slm) there are around 1, 6 km they travel in 30/40 minutes then continue for another 2,8 km and can be reached, after an hour walk, the traffic light (470 slm) near the summit of Pizzo Telegraph (500 slm). So you go back down the same path to return to the country 9.00 after about 3 ore.

In time for a refreshing shower and a hearty breakfast of lemon granita and warm croissant ... a poem !

of medium difficulty Trekking, It must be suitable boot and plenty of water ! To do in the early morning in summer.

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